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Our Mission

The Perfect Granola started in our home kitchen as a way to feed the hungry. It was our plan to create a food company where we could give away food and profits to help those in need and empower the underserved. What started as a dream quickly became The Perfect Granola, giving thousands of pounds of food and support to hundreds of organizations. Our products are pure and simple and don’t just feed your body, but nourish your soul. We thank you for your support because it’s only with you that we can continue to grow our mission and help others.

Committed to Giving Back

5% of profits are donated to homeless shelters, outreach centers, and food banks. In addition, we are continuously working to create positive social change and opportunities for those in need.

Have your own mission? Tell us about it, we might be able to help. E-mail us at: info@theperfectgranola.com Follow us on Facebook and stay up to date on where we are and how we are helping others. We just might be in your community next!

• Healthy Body • Healthy Community  

The Perfect Granola

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